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Free Instant Web Page Creator

Now you can create free web pages instantly for your business or for personal use. It does not require any downloading of files and no fancy coding. Simply use the Free Instant Web Page Creator Form and you will have your own web page online within minutes. You will also be given your own web address so that you will be able to directly access your page, without going through any other screens.


Media Center
Now that you have a web page ... be sure and promote it as much as possible. Here is a page of links to hundreds of Free Promotion Sites and Search Engines.

City Hall

Gift Shop
The FreeTowne Gift Shop is our selection of free gifts to you. You will find links to free email, free software, and much more. If you have a favorite link to another "Freebie" please let us know.

Precinct 31

Looking for someone in FreeTowne?

Citizen Gallery

A directory of images of FreeTowne Citizens, listed by chat name.

The Phone Booth

A truly unique system that allows you to page or call person to person anyone within FreeTowne. This means you can carry on conversations in your own private chat room.

Embassy - FreeTowne Citizenship

Now you can become a FreeTowne Citizen and receive the following additional benefits.
  • Reserved chat name (no more worries about impostors)
  • Online chat profile (information for others to view)
  • Editing of profile information (available soon)
  • Ability to post images (for those who know HTML coding)
  • Send private messages in the chat rooms
  • Use of special character functions (certain rooms only)
  • Placement of personal image in our image directory
  • Entrance to Citizen Only chat rooms
  • Ability to create a secure web page

Radio FreeTowne

Now you can post a Public Broadcast Message to Everyone, in Every Chatroom! Great for Birthday Announcements, PhoneBooth Party Announcements, Wedding Announcements, or anything else you'd like to announce in FreeTowne. To make a broadcast, you must be a Citizen of Freetown. We REQUEST that Citizens make no more than ONE broadcast per day. Abuse of this privilege may result in having Citizenship revoked.

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